It’s Time to Celebrate Success and Everything That Brings You Joy.... 
On Your Own Terms

[Par·ty Pos·i·tiv·i·ty] 


1. The ideology, movement, and act of embracing celebrations of all kinds so that we are seen and heard for our authentic selves; 

2. Freedom to celebrate and cheers to whatever fulfills us contrary to society’s expectations                   

Imagine a world where every woman can exercise their right to any celebration that is truly reflective of their identity….

We can’t think of better occasions to BYOB 

(Bring Your Own Bliss).

The right to celebrate A DIVORCE...

The right to celebrate a child-free life…

The right to celebrate an inaugural pap smear...


you feminist AF warrior!

We see you,
we support you,
we celebrate you.

Why should the party scene die out after graduations, weddings, and showers (leaving us only with birthdays to whip out our party hats)? There is SO MUCH MORE that women from all walks of life deserve to celebrate! 

Our virtual, community-catalyzing space and socially conscious e-shop encourages women to celebrate life wins that are often overlooked or oppressed by societal standards. Enough with conforming to conventional party supplies. Be #partypositive with our progressive, anti-patriarchal, and pro-choice-themed celebratory décor, greetings cards, and gifts!

Our celebratory décor isn’t meant to fade into the background. It’s designed to be the centerpiece of celebrations that reflect today’s fierce and forward-thinking feminist.

This is your party, and it’s time you celebrate however and whenever you want.

 Out with the oppressive and in with the progressive.

Hi, I'm Debbie!

and I’m ready to get this party started! Are you?

Party Positivity is more than just an online party shop. It’s a revolution. I believe in freedom of expression through celebration. And I want to help you celebrate success, and everything that brings you joy, however YOU define it. By being party positive, celebrations become our form of resistance. 


Progressive Party Planner

Party Positive Event Ideas

We call on womxn to celebrate these champagne-popping, show-stopping milestone events:

  • Beginning a spiritual journey
  • Getting a divorce
  • Launching your own business/any type of hustle
  • Raising a pet
  • Tying your tubes
  • Becoming a stay-at-home parent
  • Traveling solo
  • Going back to school
  • Leaving a toxic relationship (person or job!)
  • Obtaining citizenship
  • Buying your first sex toy
  • Reaching a health goal
  • Fostering or adopting a child
  • Starting mental health therapy
  • Finding a birth control method that works for you
  • Embracing your independence

When we blow out our candles, we're wishing to redefine the stereotypical, patriarchy-rooted milestones of womanhood. Stay tuned for our upcoming gift for YOU to plan an alternative and empowering event!

Take Home Our First Party Favor

For now, the Party Positivity Movement itself is the life of the party (stay tuned, we’ll be popping the merch confetti cannons soon). 

Can’t wait any longer? Our first giveaway is waiting in the shop.

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